Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher it is imperative that I meet my students where they are. It does not matter how they come to me, but how they leave me.
My students leave my CTE program with basic foundational skills and knowledge in design, beyond that they will feel comfortable having and sharing ideas in a critique or brainstorming setting. They will feel comfortable presenting their ideas to stakeholders. They will be able to think on their feet. Greatest of all, they will not be afraid to try, they will not be afraid to work hard and they will not be afraid to fail

How do I accomplish this?

I rapport build with my students. I build relationships of trust, mutual respect and interest with my students and their families through speaking to them, asking questions and being concerned. I call home to touch base with the family and keep them apprised of student progress. We are all on the same team.

I build boundaries with my students. We are one team, one cohort, one big design family and we support each other’s work. I make sure my students are aware of this and we practice the “love sandwich” when giving critiques on work. The basics of the ‘love sandwich’ are giving a positive critique, an improvement critique and ending on a positive critique. 

I cater to the knowledge I learn about my students through rapport building and integrate it into my lesson planning. I create projects where I know I will have their buy in and also meet state standards and this creates an exciting and engaged classroom.

It is my philosophy that I meet my students where they are. I build their confidence with these basic principles- by getting to know them, meeting them where they are, accepting them for who they are and crafting projects that will excite and engage them in learning.